Experience the Nucleus difference!

Our SCADA platform offers unique features, proven reliability, security and user-friendly tools with an affordably transparent pricing structure featuring no annual subscription costs.

Indeed, Nucleus delivers efficiency, productivity and the cost-saving power of SCADA to the ultimate benefit of customers in the water and wastewater industry. By gathering and analyzing real-time data, our SCADA product, like it has done for the transit industry for over twenty years, enables the intake and outflow of water in a safe manner. The ability to avoid costly government fines from regulators, as well as realize efficiency and savings, are core benefits of installing Nucleus.

This makes Nucleus the perfect SCADA solution to bring your water & wastewater treatment facility to the next level.

Among the compelling features that sets Nucleus apart from other SCADA products serving the water and wastewater industry:

Nucleus Network Diagram

Redundancy: A user-friendly and versatile Redundancy keeps your systems running and avoids system failures, water contamination and SSOs. Safety and security are two of the most vital features of Nucleus as a wastewater and water solution.

Nucleus in Action

Streamlined Development: Nucleus has unique screen development features and functionalities not normally found in SCADA products. The modular systems and pre-built layouts are easily configurable for water applications to help streamline development.

Native Protocols: Nucleus’ open architecture features native protocols. This allows seamless connection to your key systems, eliminating the need to manually log data. Your vital data can all be collected by Nucleus and communicated efficiently.

Audit Capability: Monitoring and controlling functions in real time is essential in a SCADA water system. With an Audit Capability that is native to Nucleus, as well as a Playback-to-Screen feature, you can track operational actions in real time.

Scalability: The Nucleus architecture is built for scalability so that your system can grow with your needs. As infrastructure demands increase, and regulations become more stringent, it’s vital to keep expanding the scale of a SCADA system.

Flexible & Configurable: The Nucleus platform can be easily used to design a system any water industry application. Our product comes loaded with intuitive tools organized in a user-friendly manner to allow users full creative control to define and configure a project.

Local & Secure: Nucleus is a proven, secure on-premises SCADA solution with low latency with native drivers and a powerful database. This robust system enables you to share information safely to the cloud for customized analytics or reporting.

Nucleus Wastewater Treatment Plant Example

Operator-Friendly: The Nucleus HMI features Alarm hiding/shelving to manage alarm floods – and much more. Operators also enjoy our innovative post-it like notes tool to communicate vital information and messages via easily shared screen annotations.

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