Effective Date: May 7, 2019

Nucleus Command Systems offers customers a comprehensive support package to ensure that customers have access to information and assistance that will optimize their experience.

Our Technical Support Mission

At Nucleus Command Systems, our knowledgeable support staff are dedicated to troubleshooting users problems, answering questions that may arise during product usage, and provide guidance, tips and advice on how to more efficiently build your system. Nucleus understands that every customer and each project require varying support needs. As such, we impose no restrictions on how many support requests customers may submit. The goal is to enhance the customer experience in any way possible. Yet there are some general support guidelines and rules that allows Nucleus to deliver high quality technical support to all its customers.

General Support Guidelines for Nucleus Customers

Support Staff Provides Help, But Not Training

Our support model is centered around assisting users who have already learned the fundamentals of how to use the software. Staff is on-call to answer questions, suggest solutions, and to assist in resolving issues that may arise during usage. However, support staff are not tasked with providing traditional training. Nucleus recommends that customers utilize resources in our user portal, online help center, video tutorials and community forum. If you need additional support or training beyond our standard support, you can contact us at support@nucleuscommand.com.

Make Your In-House SCADA Engineers Available During Troubleshooting

Customers are encouraged to have their own technical experts on-hand when a Nucleus support team member is helping you troubleshoot any issues with your project. This ensures that any advice or guidance we provide will be understood and able to be executed by the relevant experts in your organization.

Nucleus Support Staff Will Not Design Customer Projects

Nucleus technical support personnel are a resource to assist customers in building projects. Our support team members are not permitted to provide actual design services. If needed, Nucleus has in-house engineers who are accessible to customers to discuss the product’s advanced systems functionalities and capabilities to help them understand the power of the Nucleus Developer at any stage of the development cycle.

Zero-Tolerance Abuse Policy

Nucleus will not tolerate any form of abuse directed at our support team members, whether in writing or verbal. Threatening, intimidating or otherwise demeaning communications of any kind may result in the loss of support privileges for those customers at the discretion of Nucleus.

Ticket Classification Policy

Nucleus Command Systems standard support features a two-category classification system: Ticket Department and Ticket Priority.

Ticket Department

In order to direct who will view and troubleshoot the problem or answer the question, it is important that the correct Department is selected when submitting the ticket. Not selecting the proper department will delay our response time to addressing the ticket.

Ticket Priority

We also use a ticket severity metric to help determine how Problem tickets are internally prioritized. There are four levels of ticket severity:

  • Urgent – Production is currently being impacted.
  • High – There is a significant issue stopping project development.
  • Medium – Issue is considered Standard in nature.
  • Low – Issue is annoying but doesn’t hinder or prevent development.
  • None – Not an issue, information or request.

The assignment of severity to tickets occurs during the first communication with Nucleus Support at the time of ticket submission when over the phone. If a ticket is submitted via the web portal, we will attempt to assign an accurate severity based on the supplied information.

How Prioritization Occurs

Ticket priority is judged in order by the Ticket Priority, Last Response Time (amount of time since last customer inquiry), and Department. Tickets are then sorted and prepped to be actively handled by the Nucleus team member.

Electronic Support Via our Forum and Web Portal

Nucleus Command Systems is proud to offer free electronic product support via our online forum, email, and support web portal.

Support Policy Changes

Although most changes are likely to be minor, Nucleus Command Systems may change its Support Policy from time to time, and in Nucleus Command Systems’ sole discretion. Nucleus Command Systems encourages visitors to frequently check this page for any changes to its Support Policy. Your continued use of this site after any change in this Support Policy will constitute your acceptance of such change.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this Support Policy, please contact us via email.