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Streamlined setup and development saves up to 50% of development time.  Optimized built in drivers deliver peak communications performance and responsiveness.

Robust distribution capabilities and redundancy options, with hundreds of proven 24/7/365 uptime installations in mission critical applications. 

One time purchase with no annual subscription cost.  Free upgrades and daytime technical support. 

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A Smart Data Solution

With Nucleus as the foundation of your local control solution, you have the opportunity to choose the data and analytics solutions that work best for your industrial system. Nucleus can help maintain efficiency, process data for smarter decisions, and mitigate downtime. With our open PostgreSQL, MQTT and OPC UA, Nucleus collects and shares data with higher analytics, IIoT and MES, aggregating and filtering data at the edge for other IT data systems.
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See why Nucleus is a Fast, Reliable and Affordable integrated development environment with everything you need to create for virtually any kind of industrial application.


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Nucleus FAQ’s

What industries can the Nucleus software be used for?

Nucleus is a highly versatile HMI/SCADA system development platform that can be installed potentially for use by any industry. Among the key industrial applications for Nucleus: Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Power Utility, Transportation, Water Treatment, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, and Facility Systems.

What differentiates Nucleus from other HMI/SCADA products?

Nucleus is a highly unique SCADA software solution and is the only software of its kind on the market today. It can perform all functions necessary to operate a control system while doing so at a cost-per-workstation that delivers an unparalleled value to clients that includes a suite of product services.

How long has Nucleus been used by SCADA industry professionals?

Nucleus was first used more than twenty years ago for rail transit applications. Nucleus in fact has been in continuous service for a multitude of transit systems for decades. More recently, the core technology of Nucleus has evolved and been enhanced by its world-class engineering team into an industrial automation platform that is also a revolutionary product: A cost-effective, turn-key solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

How much does Nucleus cost?

After conducting extensive industry research and engaging in a detailed survey of industrial automation professionals around the globe, the Nucleus Command Systems team conceived a pricing structure dubbed “Custom-Flex” Pricing.

In our unique model, Nucleus works with clients to determine the specifics of a project such as whether it is for a Stand-Alone or Networked system and the number of HMI Stations, as well as the volume of data tags involved with a project. Other factors such as communications servers, dataflow servers and logic server application needs are also be taken into consideration to determine pricing that is both custom and flexible for the client. For more detailed information click here.

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