Pricing Plans

What Makes Nucleus the Industry’s Most
Cost-Effective SCADA Solution

Nucleus has revolutionized the SCADA software industry with its flat-rate pricing model. No need to pay recurring subscription costs. The cost of Nucleus is the most affordable on the market.

No Hidden Costs
Most every major SCADA product charges an expensive a la carte model. Before you know it, your “base price” has more than tripled. But Nucleus offers a straightforward, three-tier pricing model that allows you to budget accurately without being nickel and dimed for every feature. With Nucleus, our packages are defined clearly and designed to make your cost management streamlined.

Customer-Friendly Support
The Nucleus engineering team supports every customer with installation, setup and tutorials to get you started through your development phase. Should you require ongoing, advanced support while your project is operating in runtime, Nucleus offers customized support packages depending on size and scope of your project, ensuring that you will get the kind of support needed to keep you operation running seamlessly, without interruption. Our hands-on support makes Nucleus popular among integrators and their clients.

Try Nucleus for Free
Simply create a customer profile , and you can download with no cost or commitment the free Development version of Nucleus. We are confident you will find it a superior product for your small to medium sized project.