Nucleus Product Update: SCADA Communication Protocols Added to Platform

Nucleus SCADA

Nucleus Command Systems, among the most reliable and proven SCADA software platforms on the market today, has announced further enhancement of its Nucleus product with the addition of new SCADA communication protocols.

Although in operation for numerous large-scale municipal transit systems nationwide for over twenty years, the Nucleus engineering team has expanded the types of SCADA communication protocols included with the system at no extra cost to clients. The additional protocols include: DNP3, OPC Client, and Modbus TCP/IP.

These protocols serve as a common language that allows each device to communicate vital data amongst each other across an industrial control system.

“These SCADA communication protocols are built into our product packages and are free of charge to our customers,” said Mike Kirk, Chief Software Engineer for California-based Nucleus Command Systems. “This is just the latest expansion of functionality and user-friendly tools that Nucleus offers. The feedback from integrators has already been extremely positive. But this will make it easier for an even larger base of clients to operate Nucleus for their industrial control systems.”

Nucleus, which currently is in the advanced stages of Beta development, is a groundbreaking SCADA product poised for wide release in 2021.

Among Nucleus’ numerous other key product features and benefits:

• Free Development-Only Licensing, Support & Upgrades
• Advanced Simulation Feature for Testing
• Playback to screen of all historical events
• Central Storage DB enables industry leading speed
• RDBMS (Relational) Databases for configuration & Operational Data storage
• Screen Annotations & Advanced Alarm Features
• Flexible pricing models customized for clients
• Display Creator assigns I/O to build graphical icons

“The Nucleus platform is being used by HMI SCADA integrators across a range of industries,” says Ken Baker, Sr. Director of Business Solutions for Nucleus. “But it offers groundbreaking features not normally found in industrial control systems. Even so, the modular systems are easily configurable to help streamline the development process.”

Further, the Nucleus system can function for complex projects for a variety of industrial applications, including: Water and Wastewater Management, Manufacturing, Infrastructure Control Systems, Transportation, Utility and Power, Food & Beverage, and Facility Systems.

Learn more about Nucleus or contact a company rep on our contact information page.

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