Nucleus Announces “Custom-Flex” Pricing Model for Groundbreaking New SCADA Technology Solution

SCADA pricing model for Nucleus HMI SCADA technology

Nucleus Command Systems has announced that it will be offering clients an industry-leading flexible pricing model customized to each project’s unique needs.

“We work with clients to make Nucleus the most cost-effective solution for projects of varying size, scope and application,” says Kevin Jiang, sales executive for Nucleus Command Systems, which earlier this year launched its Beta phase of development.

After conducting extensive industry research and engaging in a detailed survey of industrial automation professionals, the Nucleus team has devised a pricing structure that it has dubbed “Custom-Flex Pricing.”

Nucleus will work with clients to determine the specifics of a project such as whether it is for a Stand-Alone or Networked system and the number of HMI Workstations. Other factors such as communications servers, dataflow servers and logic server application needs will also be taken into consideration to determine pricing that is both custom and flexible for the client.

Among the key features and benefits of the Nucleus SCADA platform system:

  • Free Development-Only Licensing, Support & Upgrades
  • Preset HMI layout options speeds development
  • Advanced Simulation Feature for Testing
  • Playback to screen of all historical events
  • Central Storage DB enables industry leading speed
  • RDBMS (Relational) Databases for configuration & Operational Data storage
  • Screen Annotations & Advanced Alarm Features
  • Flexible pricing models customized for clients
  • Display Creator assigns I/O to build graphical icon

Every pricing model will also include the option of upgrading to our concierge-level “Elite Support Plus” customer service that can provide around-the-clock. The Nucleus team will be revealing further client-friendly services and product features as the Nucleus Beat phases progresses closer to its official product launch.

Nucleus Command Systems offers a groundbreaking SCADA software solution that includes a range of unique features and custom services. Learn more at

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